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  • Lonely Man due to Family Estrangement

    Family Estrangement

    The Effects of Family Estrangement By Lynda Gurvitz, Ph.D.   The loss of a family member to death can be devastating. However, the feelings of rejection and bewilderment that often accompanies the loss of a child, sibling or parent to estrangement causes its own unique pain. Family estrangement is defined as one or more relatives Read More

  • Coaching high school football

    Coaching Goes Far Beyond Performance on the Field

    By Benjamin Snyder, Ph.D. Some Coaching Lessons Create a Recipe for Off Field Success   In the field of psychology, self-determination theory states that environments that promote autonomy, competence, and relatedness are necessary for the development of adaptive functioning and psychological growth. This means that individuals who are taught that they are in control of Read More

  • Suicide - very sad man crying

    Suicide Rising in the United States

    Struggling with thoughts of suicide?   John can’t stop worrying. He’s lost his job and his retirement savings has taken a financial hit. His mortgage rates are increasing and he doesn’t think he’ll be able to make this month’s payment. He has two children and a wife who are relying on him. He’s supposed to Read More

  • Perfectionism - athlete working out

    Perfectionism and Performance: The Double Edged Sword

    Written by: Abigail Saneholtz, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist What is Perfectionism?   Do you push yourself to be the best? The best athlete, dancer, singer or musician? Do you get upset with yourself when you’re anything less than perfect? While we all strive towards excellence, some individuals have great difficulty accepting being less than number one. Read More

  • Music is Therapeutic - Woman happily listening to music on headphones

    Music is Therapeutic for Everyone

    Written by: Abigail Saneholtz, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist   Music has such a large impact on our lives! It crosses cultures, age groups and has an effect on everyone. It can make you smile, dance, sing, cry, instantly recall memories like they were yesterday and process emotion. Many people listen to music because they identify with Read More

  • Woman worried about medical conditions

    From Diagnosis to Acceptance: Coping with Medical Conditions

    Written by: Abigail Saneholtz, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist Cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and many other medical conditions are words we all hear about, but never fully grasp until you or a loved one are diagnosed. The moment you were diagnosed with medical conditions your world inevitably changed.  Often during the appointment when you first learned of Read More