1. Calm – Enjoy the Daily Calm and other Meditations through relaxing guided practices.
  2. Headspace – Daily Meditations for beginners to train themselves to be more mindful.
  3. Stop, Breathe, Think – Helps you increase mindfulness practice to destress, check in daily and become more intune with thoughts and emotions.
  4. Mindfulness Coach – Guided meditations provider relaxation while also helping individuals learn to be more mindful daily.
  5. Smiling Mind – Provides accessible and lifelong practice based in mindfulness meditation that is easy for all ages.
  6. Insight Timer – Guided meditations, journaling, yoga, calming music and other mindful activities.
  7. Breathe2Relax – Diaphragmatic breathing exercises to decrease the body’s fight or flight response to help with anxiety management and regulating emotions.
  8. Tactical Breather – Helpful to increase control over physiological and psychological responses to stress
  1. CBT-i Coach – Addresses sleep difficulties through a CBT approach along with a health care provider.
  2. Sleep TimeSleep Time combines sleep tracking and a smart alarm clock, using your phone’s sensor to wake you at an optimal time. Calming music is also incorporated.
  3. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep – Offers six nature relaxing sounds and a personal audio therapy option
  4. The Calm Sleep – Addresses difficulties falling asleep with soothing sounds and meditations.
  1. Moods – Tracking app that helps you recognize when your anxiety arises and helps to identify patterns.
  2. Hello Mind – Helps you free yourself from the burden of worry. Offers guided exercises that focus on anxiety, fears, phobias and developing confidence.
  3. Stop Panic and Anxiety Self Help – Helps you change your thinking that may lead to or worsen your anxiety. Additional features include relaxation audio, an anxiety journal and emotional training tools.
  4. Worry Watch – Anxiety Journal – Helps you manage your worry and anxiety by looking at the thoughts that lead us down the path of anxiety. Features a logbook to track worries, so you can monitor and learn from your patterns.
  5. Mindshift Provides tools for managing various types of anxiety including test anxiety, perfectionism, social anxiety, performance anxiety, worry, panic and conflict. 
  1. Cognitive Diary CBT – Uses CBT tools to help challenge irrational thinking. 
  2. Depression CBT Self-Help Guide – Contains a depression screening, audios, articles and a cognitive diary.
  3. Self-Esteem Blackboard – This app helps by using CBT skills to improve your self-esteem.
  4. Mood Coach – Helps with tools to schedule pleasant activities, track your mood and take a depression test to help improve how you are feeling.
  1. Calm Harm – Helps to address suicidal and self harm thoughts by providing tasks that help you resist or manage the urges to self-harm or act on SI.
  2. Relief Link – Helps users track daily mood/thoughts, creates a safety plan, locates the nearest hospitals and helps with using coping skills.
  3. Virtual Hope Box – Helps with using relaxation skills, assists in decreasing feeling overwhelmed by emotions and increases positive thinking.
  1. PTSD Coach – From the VA – Helps those suffering from PTSD to learn guided coping skills, receive education and support.
  2. PTSD Family Coach – From the VA – Provides resources for family members coping and supporting a loved one with PTSD.
  1. The Safe Place App Mental Health App geared toward those in the Black Community. 
  1. Grief: Support For Young People – Offers information on bereavement, grief, feelings and how to help yourself. You can also read others’ stories and watch short films written and made by young people grieving. 
  1. How To Listen Better – These 10 Tips Will Help – Helps to practice active listening skills for improved communication across relationships.
  2. Love Nudge – From the author of The 5 Love Languages.

Quit Drinking – Developed to help people cope with the emotional and physical cravings for alcohol.

  1. Peanut – Provides a safe and supportive space for mothers, expectant mothers and women trying to conceive to connect. 
  1. COVID Coach – From the VA – Learn healthy coping strategies to manage stress from COVID-19. Has a section dedicated to helping healthcare professionals.
  2. Pandemic Project – Expressive Writing – Find ways to cope through writing about COVID-19. Change ways of thinking, feeling and your actions with journaling.
  3. This Way Up – Courses in mindfulness, stress, panic, anxiety, depression, trauma and social anxiety.
  4. T2 Mood Tracker – Monitors emotional health. Records a range of emotions for anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD and general wellbeing to view progress over time.
  5. Daylio – Journaling app to track thoughts, feelings and activities for tweens and teens.
  6. My Affirmations: Live Positive – Positive affirmations
  7. Happify — “Happify brings you effective tools and programs to help you take control of your feelings and thoughts.”