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How long is the first appointment?

All Initial Consultations appointments are approximately 50 minutes in length. Follow-up appointments are generally 50 minutes as well.

How often are clients seen?

Some clients are seen on a weekly basis, while others are seen twice a month.  An individualized treatment plan will be discussed with you, including who should participate in therapy and how often.  If at any time you have questions about your plan of care, please feel free to ask.

Do you prescribe medication?

While many of our clients may be on medications, we do not prescribe medication.  We do have referral relationships with a variety of medical professionals.  For more information, please visit our Resources page and look for the link to “Professionals We Recommend.”

How long does therapy take?

Some clients are able to achieve their goals in 6 sessions or less. Other clients may be experiencing more complex problems that require on-going care for a matter of months or more. Some clients who successfully complete therapy may return at some point in the future when their life circumstances change.