Kathie Blake, Psy.D.


Dr. Blake specializes in working with young girls (ages 4-12), teen girls and women. She is knowledgeable in play therapy, self-esteem issues (including perfectionism, anxiety and body image), as well as life transition and relationship issues. Dr. Blake is the facilitator of groups for middle and high school teen girls.

Dr. Blake began her career as a psychologist working with children and families at the Children’s Psychiatric Center in Miami, Florida and the Miami Children’s Hospital. In Los Angeles, California, she supervised interns at the Family Counseling center. She was also the director of psychological services at a pediatric care center for families of children on the Autism spectrum.

Dr. Blake’s doctoral work in Pediatric Neuropsychology was completed at The Miami Institute of Psychology and Carlos Albizu University in Miami. She has received extensive additional training in Play Therapy with pre-school and school age children.