Scott Brown, LMHC


Scott is an accomplished therapist with a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology of Counseling from Naropa University, a program renowned for its integration of world wisdom traditions, mindfulness meditation, and expressive therapy techniques. With a rich experience spanning over 20 years in counseling, coupled with a decade of leading mental health teams, Scott’s expertise encompasses a diverse range of clientele including children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, and seniors.
His dynamic approach to therapy is further enriched by his involvement in coaching youth sports, his role as a parent, and his engagement in extreme outdoor activities, all of which contribute to his holistic understanding of the human experience. Scott’s proficiency extends to addressing complex issues such as trauma, addiction, probation-related challenges, severe mental illnesses, and disabilities. He has honed his skills across various settings including outpatient clinics, hospitals, residential and day treatment centers, schools, nursing homes, and correctional facilities.
Scott’s therapeutic approach is grounded in the belief that no challenge is too daunting to address, emphasizing kindness and a solution-focused mindset. He is adept at assisting individuals from all walks of life to navigate and adapt to their unique life circumstances, whether they are grappling with mental illness, life transitions, or everyday stress. At the core of Scott’s philosophy lies a commitment to ‘improvise and overcome’, a mantra that guides his clients on their journey towards recovery, resilience, and personal growth.