1. Ed Matters – Healthy Conversations About Eating Disorders.
  2. All In The Mind BBC – Explores many mental health topics including the power of sleep, improving your memory and importance of having a purpose.
  3. Talking Psych – Family Psychology Associates discuss areas including Postpartum Depression, ADHD and Autism Spectrum among other areas.
  4. This Is Psychology – American Psychological Association video series addressing many areas within the field including mental health in children, young adults, adults and geriatric age individuals.
  5. The Psychology Podcast – Expert therapists and scientists discussing a wide variety of mental health topics.
  6. Feeling Good Podcast – Dr. David Burns addresses how to overcome depression and anxiety, as well as develop greater joy and self-esteem.
  7. Invisibilia and The Hidden Brain – NPR – Both address unconscious patterns that shape choices, ideas, beliefs, emotion that impact individuals and their relationships.
  8. Therapy Chat – Therapists discuss topics such as perfectionism, worthiness, self-care, trauma, attachment, parenting, relationships and mindfulness.
  9. The Psychology of Attractiveness – Addresses the science behind human sexuality. Topics include love, jealousy, lust and relationships.
  10. Landmark Recovery Radio – Focused on addition and treatment recovery concerns.
  11. Foreplay Radio – Episodes focus on couples and sex therapy content including intimacy, emotional and physical connections, sexual health and partnership dynamics.
  12. Positive Psychology.com Podcast – Topics include listening to your emotions, finding focus amidst distraction, passion, mindfulness and life meaning.
  13. The Science of Happiness – University of California-Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center that teaches people the science of living a happy and meaningful life.
  14. Daily Meditation Podcast – Guided meditations and a weekly journal about managing your emotions, slowing down and learning practice to manage stress triggers.
  15. The Happiness Lab – Yale University’s course on Psychology and a Good Life.
  16. Where Should We Begin – Marriage and Family Therapist Esther Perel addresses multiple areas within relationships including intimacy, coming out to family, marital challenges and racism within extended family among other topics.
  17. Therapy For Black Girls – Dr. Joy Harden addresses mental health, personal development and all the small decisions we can make to become the best version of ourselves.
  18. Small Things Often – The Gottman Institute offers simple, proven and quick tips to help you deepen and enhance your relationships.
  19. Unlocking Us – Brene Brown – Conversations with people about vulnerability, relationships, meaning and connection
  20. 3 Psychs & A Mic: Not Your Average Talk Therapy Podcast – Three Black Psychologists who discuss a variety of mental health topics.
  21. Diversity Deep Dive – Meaningful dialogue to positively impact diversity and inclusion by dispelling stereotypes, tackling biases and providing best practices to achieve greater cultural competence.
  22. The Element of Inclusion – Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey hosts one of the world’s longest running podcasts for issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.
  23. Code Switch – Discusses subjects such as intersectionality and the experiences of diverse groups of people across many different areas in culture.
  24. Latinx Therapy– Dedicated to all things related to mental health within the Latino community.