Early Evaluation and Intervention is Crucial with Preschoolers

Early intervention is crucial when developmental and learning disorders are suspected in preschoolers.  Parents should trust their intuition if they sense something unusual about a preschooler’s behavior, acquisition of language, or the development of social skills.  Routine screenings for sensory deficits, learning problems and symptoms of autism should occur during well child exams conducted by your pediatrician.  However, these screenings may overlook subtle problems that parents are often the first to identify. Our evaluations are comprehensive, utilize state of the art psychological tests and lead to recommendations that can assist your child at home, with their peers or in a preschool environment. We can also make observations in the home or preschool.  Following our evaluations, we develop an individualized treatment plan that may also allow your child to access services through the Florida Department of Learning Resources or your local school district.

Our Team is Dedicated to Helping Preschoolers

We use a team approach involving our interdisciplinary team of Child Psychologists, School Psychologists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts.  We also coordinate care with medical providers, as well as allied health professionals, such as Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists.  We provide social skills training and parent training, in addition to more traditional individual and family therapy.  We make parents our partners in caring for our preschoolers by offering:

  • Parent Training and Education
  • Therapy to improve the parent-child relationship and family functioning
  • Therapy to increase skills in self-management, self-care, and emotional regulation
  • Social Skills Training
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Consultation with preschool teachers and local school officials

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