As a caregiver for a family member who is experiencing dementia, a chronic mental illness or a physical disability, you experience the rewards and the stresses of this role every day. But as a caregiver you are also at higher risk for developing both acute and chronic illnesses, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Caregiver burnout not only affects your well-being; it hampers your ability to provide the best care for your loved one.

The experienced team of mental health professionals at Family Psychology Associates provides specialized individual, family and group therapy specifically designed to address the unique needs of caregivers. We can help you avoid burnout, while improving your caregiving skills:

  • Understanding and managing your loved one’s behavior
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Effective stress management strategies for you and your loved one
  • Communication skills
  • Managing conflict
  • Managing your negative emotions and self care
  • What to do when your loved one can no longer live at home
  • Planning for the end of life
  • Getting the help you need and feeling good about it

To find out what other caregiver services are available at Family Psychology Associates, you can visit our pages devoted to anxiety, depression and stress management.

Dr. Gurvitz: Support for Older Adults and their Caregivers


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