Most people would not want to share their personal experiences with strangers.  However, group therapy provides insights and support that individual therapy cannot.  At Family Psychology Associates, we have a variety of groups for children of all ages, in addition to groups for teens and adults.  We also offer seminars and workshops to supplement the individual and family therapy that we have provided for over 22 years.  Seminars are single day events, while workshops are for a small number of sessions.  Groups may be open ended or offered for a specific number of sessions.  Our groups are created in response to needs that we have identified in the community.  We are also willing to create new services upon request.

Group therapy can help clients broaden their perspectives.  Participants can see similarities between their experiences and the reactions of others.  The opportunity to be supportive of others can also provide a boost to self-esteem.  Some groups are educational in nature and designed to address specific problems.

At Family Psychology Associates, Inc. our licensed mental health practitioners provide a variety of group therapy experiences that may be therapeutic, supportive, informative, or skill building in nature.

Our featured group therapy specialists: