Relationship Enrichment

Family Psychology Associates believes that being in a long-term, committed relationship is the best way to learn more about yourself. To meet the need of couples who want to improve the quality of their relationship, we have developed a one day Relationship Retreat that uses a male/female team to facilitate the intensive work that can be accomplished in a full-day retreat format. We offer this service at least twice a year.

The Relationship Retreat is designed to help couples understand the fundamental principles found in all healthy relationships and to facilitate a deeper level of connection. The workshops are totally confidential and couples are not expected to share any personal information in a group setting. The workshops are educational in nature and are not intended to be therapy experiences. Couples attending the workshop can expect to be exposed to the latest research on developing and maintaining healthy relationships, while the exercises allow the couple to practice basic communication and emotional regulation skills.

The workshops typically include lunch and are frequently limited to 10 couples in order to provide a more personal experience. Couples do not have to be married to benefit. Couples who are considering a long-term commitment, struggling in their relationship, or even considering divorce have all reported benefits from attending the workshop. Many couples who attend report being happy together, but they are looking for ways to improve some aspect of their relationship. The workshop can be a great wellness check-up for your relationship! To register for the Relationship Retreat, visit our Contact Us page.

The activities included in the Relationship Retreat are drawn from three of the best researched theories of relationship satisfaction. The day blends the findings from the Gottman Institute, the Imago Institute and Emotion Focused Therapy. Relationship enrichment is just one service that we offer. To learn more, visit our Relationship Counseling page.

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