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Getting Over the Yips

How to Effectively Manage Performance Anxiety and Yips in Your Golf Game written by Benjamin Snyder, Ph.D. All golfers share a similar story that starts the same way: Walking up

Parents’ Guide to Children and Technology:

The iGen Generation Today’s children are part of the iGen generation.  They are called iGen because they have never known a world without an iPhone, which was introduced in 2007. 

Fear of Public Speaking and the Effects on Performance

Written by: Abigail Saneholtz, Psy.D Effective communication is an essential part of building relationships, expected across work settings and occurs regularly within school projects. Glossophobia or the fear of public

Is Sports Psychology Important?

Written by Geoffrey Peal Psy. D. Why Waste My Time on Sports Psychology? I Need to Practice! Time management is one of the most difficult things (non-professional) athletes of all

Family Estrangement

The Effects of Family Estrangement By Lynda Gurvitz, Ph.D. The loss of a family member to death can be devastating. However, the feelings of rejection and bewilderment that often accompanies

Coaching Goes Far Beyond Performance on the Field

By Benjamin Snyder, Ph.D. Some Coaching Lessons Create a Recipe for Off Field Success In the field of psychology, self-determination theory states that environments that promote autonomy, competence, and relatedness

Suicide Rising in the United States

Struggling with thoughts of suicide? John can’t stop worrying. He’s lost his job and his retirement savings has taken a financial hit. His mortgage rates are increasing and he doesn’t

Music is Therapeutic for Everyone

Written by: Abigail Saneholtz, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist Music has such a large impact on our lives! It crosses cultures, age groups and has an effect on everyone. It can make