We Crave Connection: Staying Connected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Why the COVID-19 Pandemic is causing more than just a viral infection.

We crave connection. Human beings, like all our fellow mammals, are essentially herd animals. We are social creatures wired from birth for bonding. We bond with our caregivers to survive infancy and childhood. We bond as adults to navigate and thrive in an increasingly complex world. When these bonds break down, we suffer. When these bonds are intact, we can fulfill our true potential.

A safe and secure emotional bond forms the foundation of any healthy relationship. Whether this relationship is between a parent and a child, an employer and an employee, two individuals as friends or romantic partners, a secure connection is essential. Secure connections are built through experiences of sensitivity and responsiveness when we are vulnerable. For example, when a parent soothes their distressed child, the child relaxes and learns to regulate their own emotions. Similarly, when our partner responds to our emotional distress with sensitivity and validation, we gain confidence in our partner to be there when we need them most. These repeated successes build trust and safety, which validates our deepest need to be seen and known and loved as we are.

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Article by Dr. Jeffrey George