Personal Growth Group Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Written by: Charles Bellavia, LCSW, RN, MBA

-To assist in facilitating your identified personal growth goals and accelerating the speed with which you attain them.
-Be able to reduce emotional blockages by increasing your core mindfulness and learning important interpersonal skills to regulate emotions and tolerate distress.

Personal Growth Training Starts with Core Mindfulness Skills

-Personal Growth core mindfulness techniques provide awareness of the interactions between your thoughts and emotional states.
-As thoughts and emotions come into balance your psychological state improves and therefore you are more focused on your goals with reduced emotional distractions.

Learning to Become More Effective in Our Interpersonal Relationships

-Interpersonal Effectiveness introduces you to skills necessary in obtaining the goals you seek in your interactions with key people in your life.
-These new abilities are used to modify unpleasant interactions by reducing the stress during difficult interpersonal encounters or to better enhance conflict resolution skills.

How Do I Regulate My Emotions to Achieve My Goals?

-Emotion Regulation skills allow you to identify and label your current emotions and accurately identify the thoughts creating and sustaining them.
-This requires a blending of core mindfulness skills with the ability to describe one’s thoughts related to your current emotions.

Learning to Tolerate Distress Experienced as I Pursue My Goals

-Personal Growth Group emphasizes learning to bear emotional pain successfully as the pursuit of any worthy goal will include some level of discomfort.
-Tolerating emotional distress is therefore an essential goal of the group as distress tolerance is part of any attempt to change oneself.

Who Would Benefit from Personal Growth Group Skills Training?

-Adults dealing with anxiety disorders, depression, mood swings, trauma or in need of stress management.
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